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Our Story

"It always seems impossible until it's done"

Standing in front of a mirror one day, imagining flattering, practical yet stylish and simply beautiful sleepwear which every woman could wear all night and day summed up all the ideas I have had about the ideal nightdress. This was the Eureka moment and the idea of sleepwear brand MONIQ® was born. 

Following a research and many shop-runs and still unable to find what I longed for I came to a clear decision - if I can't find it I'll have to make it! As someone who always loved to draw and had millions of ideas, I came up with the first sleepwear collection. 

 MONIQ sketch

MONIQ is abbreviated from french 'Monique' being the founder's name that means Madonna or beautiful lady which perfectly describes our sleepwear designs - beautiful, feminine, and timeless.

Since the inception in early 2016, our brand represents elegance, sophistication, and beauty of today's modern women. All collections are designed to enhance women's natural hour glass figure, are practical yet feminine and in intense colourways. Our inspirational ranges of nightdresses, handcrafted with love and our customer in mind, ensure that women can feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

I believe that there is an ever-growing desire for sleepwear garments that are beautifully made. Which is why I design the garments in-house and invest only in the best quality fabrics including Satin or Silk-touch viscose, as well as hand-pick detailed floral embroidery and delicate lace from all over the world.